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Consumer Brands

Consumers are more active than ever. Their opinions are increasing and their passions intensifying. Audiences are being influenced and trends are evolving.

Your brand needs to stay ahead.

Our AI lens captures all of this information to help you make data-driven decisions.

  • Consumer
    We give you the who, what, where, when and why of consumers.
  • Reputation
    Measure your brand health by monitoring all brand mentions.
  • Trends
    Discover influencers, trending topics and consumer interests so you can be a part of the conversation.

All in real-time.

Media Outlets

There’s a lot of noise in today’s media and it moves quickly. Stories, news alerts and updates are published instantly, reaching billions of readers within seconds.

To break through the noise, you need quality content-
content that is authentic and timely.

  • Real-time SafetyNet
    Real-time SafetyNet
    Cyabra ensures that only genuine stories are published by detecting disinformation- deepfakes, fake accounts and bad actors.
  • Break the News
    Break the News
    Cyabra analyzes conversations in real time so that you can break the news with objective and accurate reporting as stories unfold.
  • Content Navigation
    Content Creation
    Tap into diverse audiences and understand their needs so you can create relevant, targeted content.
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Public Sector

Public opinion is under constant attack. Foreign influence, campaign manipulation, and election meddling are just a few examples of threats facing the public.

We can help.

  • Desinformation
    Cyabra’s patented SaaS platform uses AI to identify behavioral patterns typical of fakes profiles such as bots, trolls and sockpuppets.
  • Deepfake
    Our semi-supervised algorithms detect Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)- a class of machine learning that bad actors use to create realistic images and videos.
  • Industry
    Campaign Analysis
    Our technology tracks and analyzes the spread of information, measuring how it spreads and creates a snowball effect.
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