We Believe in Authenticity

Who We Are

Dan Brahmy
Co-founder and CEO
Yossef Daar
Co-Founder, CPO and COO
Ido Shraga
Co-Founder and CTO
Assaf Danby
VP of Sales
Natan Weisband
Product Support
Shahar Nesher
Product Analyst
Nir Levy
Software Developer
Gidon Ucko
Software Developer
Ben Cohen
QA Automation Engineer
Ariella Rothschild
Marketing Manager
Roni Fridfertig
Product Analyst
Scott Mortman
Senior Advisor
We are backed by the best
Founders Fund
Citrine Minds Club
Tau Ventures
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  • Authenticity
    In a loud world filled with content overload and diverging messages, Cyabra believes in bringing authenticity to the digital realm, offering a lens of truth to filter through the noise.
  • Social Responsibility
    Social Responsibility
    We are committed to helping keep the internet safe and providing tools to improve public discourse.
  • Innovation
    As the digital realm evolves, we are constantly innovating to ensure that we remain two steps ahead of the current technology.
  • Customer Commitment
    Customer Commitment
    We are committed to serving our clients by listening and responding to their needs.

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